2019 Finalists

274 entries; 13 Hemp, 89 Concentrates, 74 Sun Grown, 98 Indoor.

Special thanks to Pine Tree Glass Art for supplying the Colton Rigs
& Zenz Media Group for arranging the hand blown trophies.
Much respect for Lost Valley top notch venue

1st, THC, 19.33, CBD, 0.05, Woodstock Farmacy, Haskap

Grape Pie x Sundae Brunch, Roots Organics Formula 707, Citric Acid, This flower was grown in an environmentally controlled greenhouse with supplemental light, Haskap is one of our favorite strains. Named after the haskap berry plants we grow in our fields. (Also known as honey berries) very loud nose and translates to flavor exceptionally well. I hope the robust citrus scents with creamy undertones sets our haskap apart from the rest.

2nd, THC, 18.11, CBD, 0.05, HAZY HILL FARM, LIME BARS

SURFR SEEDS, TROPHY WIFE X BLACK LIME RESERVE, Indoor grown in coco with synthetic nutes under hps and mh lights, One of our new favorite strains on the farm, Lime Bars hits all the check marks. This cross has super sexy buds with an enticing smell and taste. The taste is all lime up front with some rich cookie dough notes on the exhale. We are super pumped about this gal!

3rd, THC, 22.9, CBD, 0.06, Hazy Hill Farm, MAC1

Capulator, Alien Cookies X (Columbian x Starfighter) Grown indoors with coco and synthetic nutrients under HPS and MH, Our MAC flowers won the High95 cup last year and the peoples choice at the Mota Cup this year. MAC boasts of smooth flavors which taste like berries, sweet tarts as well as hints of vanilla and citrus. Miracle Alien Cookies is perfect for treating insomnia, appetite loss, aches, stress, and depression. These sumptuous flowers are so coated with trichomes that it is difficult to see the actual bud under the glistening crystals. When its comes to MAC it’s love at first sight!,

4th, THC, 21.96, CBD, 0.06, Stoner & Co,  Dr. Von Glue

Goji Dawg x Banana Glue, Coco, A special mix, Trifecta, Trifecta, agri air,,  1000w Hps lights using a coco medium with s special blend of our favorite nutrients, Nice trichome production, intense gunpowder aroma, nice and dense flowers. In high demand at the shop,

5th, THC, 16.86, CBD, 0.04, Stoner & Co, Magic Cake

Honeysticks, Wizards punch x wedding Cake, 1000w hps, Super frosty and stinky,, , , , , , 

6th, THC, 23.32, CBD, 0.06, Children of the Soil, Captains Wedding Highest THC Winner!


BEST FRIEND FARMS, SOUR BLUEBERRY X SUPER SILVER HAZE, Indoor flower grown with synthetic nutrients under hps and mh lights, The sour blueberry haze is yet another classic Maine bred strain we are proud to offer. Large beautiful buds with a strong notes of haze and Jack Herer make this strain a winner that we’ve grown for almost a decade.

8th, THC, 19.86, CBD, 0.06, White Mountain Cannabis Company, Ayahuasca Purple (#1) & (#2)

Barneys Farm, Red River Delta x Master Kush, Pro mix, Mills, Blue and yellow sticky traps, Procidic 2, Grown Under Gavita LEDs in 15 G fabric pots filled with Pro Mix. Full Irrigation with floraflex, fed with Mills Nutrients., Exotic terpene profile, Unique strain, Grown Under LED. One private lab test results came back at 28% THC.

9th, THC, 21.95, CBD, 0.06, Elevate Maine,  Garlic Breath

Thugpug- gromerjuana, GMO x Medobreath f2, Coco, Veg+Bloom, Aptus, Azaguard- Biosafe systems,  Zerotol, oxiphos, “Weekly spray of zerotol and oxiphos in veg.

Bi-weekly spray of azaguard in veg Weekly spray of zerotol in flower for the first two weeks. No foliar sprays in flower after week two.  We use a Wagner paint sprayer to ensure even coverage throughout canopy “, GMO just got better! The medobreath male that was used added some much needed density to the GMO flower without taking away that raunchy smell when crack the jar!

10th, THC, 14.55, CBD, 0.04, The Green Approach, Cherry Ghost OG

Bred In House, Cherry Prime x Ghost Og,  Coco, Custom Blend, Beneficials insects only: A. Cucumeris, A. Andersoni, A. Persimilis, Proper Environment,  “Grown in Auto-Pot watering system out of the UK using my custom blended nutrient recipe. Been using these auto-pots for 5 years now.

Grown  under 1000 watt Gavita DE fixtures. Proper VPD throughout growth. Co2 hovering around 1000-1200ppm and cut back last two weeks of flower.”, “This strain was bred by me, and has a very unique terpene profile. Truly amazing genetics and an all around patient favorite.

Cherry Prime is a Cherry Pie cross that has been my staple for quite some time.

I used this strain to make many crosses. The Og Kush (Ghost Cut) was gifted to me over 8 years ago and I worked this project about 5 years ago. All around amazing flower with soaring high. Will be with me forever!”


1st, THC, 22.1, CBD, 0.06, Jedi Ganja Warrior, G$

2nd, THC, 15.32, CBD, 0.05, Woodstock Farmacy,  Eastern White Pine

Woodstock Farmacy, Apple Juice x Sundae Brunch, Field Grown, native soil,  Brook water, ,  Citric Acid,  Field grown in native soil. Watered with brook water.,  “We love the terpene profile on the Eastern White Pine. Berry, citrus, apple & pine notes shine through the aroma and flavor.

Thank you for the opportunity!

3rd, THC, 20.26, CBD, 0.05, Baldface botanicals,  Royal cherry chem

 @perryurbanfarms, Royal kush x cherry chem,  Soil, Organic Amendments to soil, compost, Aromatic pest confusing plants, predator bugs,,  Regalia, healthy soil, good luck,  10x20 ft hoop house. One fan run by 12v solar. Deep soil, many years old. Only fed water. Shout out to the garden hose.,  Grown completely off grid. Totally organic. Im a true stoner with a passion for the plant. Grown with pure intentions.

4th, THC, 20.39, CBD, 0.05, Wolf Pond Farm
Sour Power, Karma, Sour Diesel x Biker Kush, mart pots,  Flavor,,

5th, THC, 15.47, CBD, 0.04, Best friend Farms, Buddah MAC #1

Royal River Botanicals, Buddah Tahoe OG x MAC,,  Organic living soil,, ,  THE DANK METHOD,,  much of our genetics are bred in-house and grown with local living soil and our own particular organic method.

6th, THC, 22.21, CBD, 0.06, 3rd Eye, Clementine cookies

Best friend farms, Clementine x Girl Scout Cookie, Living soil, Compost, Fish, bat guano, Trifecta, Trifecta, Light deprivation green house. Living organic soil raised beds. Compost teas and fish emulsion to start. Finish with roots HPK fertilizer,  This cut was selected from a run of 72 females as one of the top phenotypes for terpenes, flavor, and high. She checked all the boxes. Extemely mold and mildew resistant. Sativa dominant yet still powerful.,

7th, THC, 17.46, CBD, 0.05, Faraway Farm, Blueberry,

Blueberry, Recycled Organic Living Soil, Compost Tea’s / Dry Amendments / Organic Inputs,, ,  Our Hemlock raised beds are filled with a Recycled Organic Living Soil mixture that has been reused for five growing seasons.  As soon as the snow melts, we apply our own mixture of dry amendments as well as locally sourced organic composted cow manure followed by a cover crop to lock in the moisture and to jump-start the soil food web prior to planting the cannabis.  After planting, we follow a strict organic IPM schedule until the plants trigger into flowering to give them the best chance to defend themselves throughout the year.  Once the season is in full swing, we brew compost tea’s and add Organic inputs as needed to bring the plant to its full potential.  As the cold weather sets in and the days shorten, we make sure to properly flush each plant before bringing it inside for drying and curing. ,  This growing season has been particularly good to us at Faraway Farm.  Our flowers were able to come to their full potential without the late season diseases that have plagued growers in our region for years.  These strains in particular have been tailored to our region, climate and are optimized by our sustainable growing techniques.  We understand that using petrochemicals and inorganic fertilizers will take out a lot of the guess work that comes with organic farming but that method only furthers that gap between farmer and plant.  By keeping our crop size small, we are able to maintain a close relationship with our plants and sustainably manage them without resorting to pesticides and fertilizers that will harm our environment and the end user.  We know cannabis users are intelligent and have a complex palate and we are confident that our flower will satisfy and elevate all who partake. , , , , , , , 

8th, THC, 18.4, CBD, 0.05, Peter Sparker, 9D4

9th, THC, 22.49, CBD, 0.06, Jeffrey Epstein Dying Breath Farms, GMOxOGKB,

10th, THC, 13.03, CBD, 0.04, PJ Nelson, City Slicker,


1st, Nth Degree, Martian Monster

Soil, House & Garden, None, None, Flower grown by Nth Degree, processed by Royal River Botanicals, It’s unique, you be the judge 😉

2nd, the honeycomb farm, b cube

the honey comb farm, z cube x bloody h, hydrocarbon extraction with a vacuum oven, using inhouse tech and a high quality flower we created a great extraction that will leave a flavor profile that is unreal

3rd, The Green Approach, Cherry Prime

Unknown x Cherry Pie, “Hydrocarbon extract.

Extracted by Coast 2 Coast Extracts

Cherry Prime is one of my staple strains.

Hunted from seed gifted to me by a MS patient. He said it was bag seed he found in some Cherry Pie. Unknown grower/breeder. I hunted through all the seeds and found this one true standout pheno. Amazing cherry terps with great medical benefits.”

4th, Narrow Gauge, Tangilope, , Tangie/Chocolope

BHO Extracted THC A, The Tangilope Diamond Sauce is a High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extract in a terpene rich potent sauce that will leave you wanting more.

5th, Hoot Family Farm, GG4

GG4 aka gorilla glue #4 (Blanco sauce and diamonds)
Flower was organically grown under MH and HPS lighting with the utmost care and love. The concentrate is a hydrocarbon extraction processed by the team at Royal River Botanicals. I’m thrilled to be Collaborating with this team because they have shown me quality and integrity.

6th, Hoot Family Farm, Jerry Berry

Jerry Berry ( Blanco sauce and diamonds) Jerry Berry is a Freeze Land cross Of unknown origin. She is an amazing plant that does best under natural sun And grown organically. When grown under the sun her color and smell reach perfection. she smells of sweet sugary berries with hints of lemon. The concentrate is a hydrocarbon extraction processed by the team at Royal River Botanicals. I’m thrilled to be Collaborating with this team because they have shown me quality and integrity.

7th, Coast2Coast, Blissful Wizard

Cookie Maine, Blissful Wizard, Hydrocarbon

, Coast2Coast, Fat rocks Boi

8th, Cure Cannabis Co., Lemon Tree

Lemon Skunk X Sour Diesel, Coco, J.R. Peters

Hydrocarbon extraction with ETS closed loop., Our Lemon Tree is a customer favorite over the last year. It combines a strongwomen lemon smell/taste with nice diesel notes from the sour diesel. We feel that as far as lemon terms, this one takes the cake. The large crystal clear diamonds provide a strong THCA presence that is both balanced and potent. We hope you enjoy Lemon Tree as much as our patients have. Thank You.

9th, Greener Future Farms x Oasis Refinery, GMO

Divine Genetics, Chem Dog x Girl Scout Cookies, Soil ,  Veg+ Bloom, The amazing dr zymes, The amazing dr zymes, Indoor soil grown. 1000w de fixtures. , “Grown to potential and extracted by Oasis Refinery.

Serious power in this variety. “

10th, Greener Future Company x Last Frontier

Doobie dawg /Wedding cake blend Doobie is Unknown.  Wedding cake is Cherry pie x Girl Scout Cookies, Coco , Veg+ bloom, Neem and Karanja in veg, Neem and Karanja in veg, Coco style indoor cultivation. 1000w DE fixtures. , These two plants complement one other’s profiles with a sweet gassy pungency. Lingers on the palette.

11th, Narrow Gauge, Tangilope,

Tangie/Chocolope, Live Resin made from butane distillation, This live resin will melt in your mouth and is so flavorful that the taste will linger for hours

12th, Caniba Naturals, Royal Kush x SFV bx 7

Samuel Morris / Caniba Naturals, Royal Kush x SFV bx 7, soil , local compost/ local inputs, 0, hydrogen peroxide in veg, soil grown full sun flower, “Mandelbrot from Emerald Mountain legacy’s rare clone only royal kush # 7 crossed with an SFV bx 7 male. The SFV bx 7 was  originally worked by REDD from Lions Pride Genetics in Humboldt. We’ve worked the line since 2014 selecting  it for Maines climate.

Bred by Samuel Morris from the Caniba Naturals team, This cross embodies rare heirlooms acclimated to Maines outdoor environment for full genetic potential.”

13th, All Kind, Candy Breath, In-House Genetics

Candy Land X Jelly Breath, Soil, General Organics

20 gallon pots, soil, Fresh Frozen , Live Diamonds grown by All Kind processed by Coast2Coast.

1st, Hazy Hill Farm, Strawberries and Cream

Exotic Genetics, Strawberry x Cookies and Cream, Whole plant fresh frozen material was washed and dried into bubble hash. The hash was then pressed into rosin, The flavor of this solventless extract is out of this world, straight strawberry jam terps!

2nd, Royal River, GMO 73u90u Select

3rd, Royal River, Sour G 73u90u Select

4th, Other Level Gardens, Guava Tangie

5th, Halcyon Farms x The Maine Squish, Roasted Garlic Margy

Cannarado genetics, Produced with fresh frozen whole plant material from Halcyon Farms. Hand washed with ice extract equipment bags, freeze dried, then pressed on a sasquash rosin press., Great genetics from cannarado, great cultivator in halcyon farms, and a great finished product from the maine squish. A full spectrum, full flavored,  solventless concentrate. It has a unique terp profile and a long lasting, relaxing high.

6th, Hazy Hill Farm, Cookies and Cream, Exotic Genetics

Starfighter x Girl Scout Cookies, We washed fresh frozen material, freeze dried it and pressed the bubble hash into rosin on a press, Cookies and cream is notorious world wide for making some of the best solvent less hash out there. It is dessert for the palate and the mind!

7th, Hazy Hill Farm, I-95

Top Dawg Genetics, Triangle Kush x (Legend Og X Stardawg IX2), We washed fresh frozen I95, dried it, and pressed it into oil on a rosin press, I95 seemed like an appropriate entry for the high95 cup and is an east coast favorite! This strain is all gas no brakes!

8th, All Kind, Chemdog

Chemdog, Sour D X OG Kush, Soil, General Organincs

20 Gallon pots, small boutique room, Chemdog grown by All Kind and processed Paradigm Sauce.

9th, Raw Zen Labs , 818 Headband

“IslandBand pheno”, Cali Connection, Cali Connection 818 Headband, Organic Soil / Compost, Organic Amendments, Companian Planting, N/A, Sun grown tasty buds pressed with Longs Peak Rosin press, Crystal clear flower press, tropical fuel flavor. Strong head/ sativa effect with this pheno.

10th, Best Friend Farms, Gas Mask

Best Friend Farms, Headband x Kosher Kush/MAC, , Organic living soil

THE DANK METHOD, much of our genetics are bred in-house and,

11th, Stony Brook Organics, Threes Company

Cannarado, Tre OG  (tahoe OG x tres dawg)  X Sunset Sherbert, 150 micron dry tumbled trim. Kief pressed in 45 micron bags at 180*, Solventless Rosin from certified clean cannabis. Amazing terps and high.

12th, Mountain melts / crystal rose seed co, Sandy beaches

Crystal Rose Seed co, Tropicanna cookies x ogkb / triple kush, Native soil , Organic amendments and native soil, None , None , Bubble was wash and processed by me from material i grew. The bubble was also ran through a heat press and rosin was produced from that. , 100% single source, from the genetics to the rosin was all done by my hand. All organic sun grown in the mtns of maine

13th, Best Friend Farms, Guava Jelly

Swampboys , Forbidden Fruitx White91, , Organic living soil

THE DANK METHOD, , much of our genetics are bred in-house and grown with local living soil and our own particular organic method., ,

 23.32, Children of the Soil, Captains Wedding

22.9, Hazy Hill Farm, MAC1

22.49, Jeffrey Epstein Dyng Breath Farms, GMOxOGKB

22.21, 3rd Eye, Clementine cookies

22.1, Jedi Ganja Warrior, G$

21.96, Stoner & Co , Dr. Von Glue

21.95, Elevate Maine , Garlic Breath

20.39, Wolf Pond Farm, Sour Power

20.26, Baldface botanicals , Royal cherry chem

19.86, White Mountain Cannabis Company, Ayahuasca Purple (#1) & (#2)

19.33, Woodstock Farmacy , Haskap


18.4, Peter Sparker, 9D4


17.46, Faraway Farm, Blueberry

16.86, Stoner & Co, Magic Cake

15.47, Best friend Farms, Buddah MAC #1

15.32, Woodstock Farmacy , Eastern White Pine

14.55, The Green Approach, Cherry Ghost OG

13.03, PJ Nelson, City Slicker



GTK Analytic

In 2019 we had all the CBD entrants retested to ensure there was a clear winner.  Well the numbers are in and we have a winner!!!  The 2019 CBD winner will be announced leading up to the awards ceremony.  Check back often ; )

Keep your eyes on Maine's leading Hemp / CBD farms.  We'll be posting results shortly!


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