1st Place, Indoor 2017: Portland Cannabis Co, Ghost Dawg

Judges Reviews
Good all around. Taste super dank. Beautiful snow dusted nugs. Sour, pungent, heavy, killer. Super tight trim job. Big, frosty calyxes. Fruity fragrance. One of my favorites. Potent inhale.

Testing results:  CBD .29, THC 18.97

Cultivation information
Ghost Dawg: Ghost OG x Mendodawg, Indoor, Coco only, Mix my own raw elemental fertilizer.
About the grower
Dedicated to all things KIND //
Kind&Co’s founders’ have been involved in many aspects of Maine’s cannabis industry. Together with their partners, they will take their Standard Operating Procedures, and best practices, and apply them to Kind&Co’s operations.

By using top quality materials, hand harvesting, and premium storage containers, Kind&Co will be able to create superior products that are all things kind.

2017 Top 18 Indoor
1st place: CBD .29 – THC 18.97 Portland Cannabis Co, Ghost Dawg

2nd place: CBD 0 – THC 13.6 Farley’s cannabis farm, Agent orange

3rd place: CBD .17 – THC 16.88 Stoner and co, Goji Dawg

4th place: CBD .16 – THC 14.37 Stoner and co, 24k

5th place: CBD .26 – THC 25.51 SBC LLC, Cookie scout

6th place: CBD .15 – THC 16.08 Stoner and co, Jack Diesel

7th place: CBD .18 – THC 22.08 Natures Resolutions, ChemDog

8th place: CBD .19 – THC 19.71 SBC LLC, Plum mist

9th place: CBD .12 – THC 20.16 Stoner and co, BCN Diesel

10th place: CBD 0 – THC 11.03 SBC LLC Cherry, Explosion

11th place: CBD .14 – THC 16.45 Stoner and co, Goji Dawg #4

12th place:  CBD .12 – THC 20.16 Narrow Guage, Gorilla Glue

13th place: CBD .27 – THC 19.94 Narrow Guage, Headband

14th place:  CBD .21 – THC 27.36 FSI (Full Steam Industries), Cherry Gorilla

15th place: CBD .22 – THC 24.88 Artisan Farms, GG 4

16th place: CBD .2 – THC 14.02 J.B. (Earth Keeper Castings), Grape Cookie

17th place: CBD .21 – THC 19.09 The Healing Choice, White Fire OG

18th place: CBD 8.42 – THC 8.21 Stoner and Co, Green Doctor

2017 Winners and runners up





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