1st Place, Sun Grown, 2017: Jedi Ganja Warrior

Judges Reviews

Trim that bush, nice triches. Average look. Great smell and taste. Good effect. Top 3 for Sure. A favorite. Turpines citrusy. Delicate texture. Tangy, sharp, lipsmacky. Would not stay lit. Very sticky. Woodsy delight! Citrus finish. Uplifting. Fluffly loosely trimmed bud. Super citrusy smell. Slowed me down. Great smell, pretty great smoke

Lab results: CBD .24 – THC 19.04

About the grower

Jedi Ganja Warrior

In a not-so-distant galaxy, one man believes that all people deserve to smoke the very best.  Please grow organic or please stop growing.  Meanwhile, the darkside seems to be controlling the cannabis industry, praying upon the weak and those who do not know any better.  Shame on you cannabis industry!  I am talking to all those ass clowns in the industry who are growing, or selling, Grade C McNuggets with fertilizers not even safe for food consumption, and calling it “Medicine.”  Figure it out!  I am talking to all those growers who are polluting our state’s waters by dumping fertilizers down drains and into our environment.  What gives you the right to ruin our beautiful state for your shitty weed?  I know that everyone is fearful of low yields when growing with organic techniques.  It’s just not true!  I have got some news for you all: At this point in time, we all could be growing organic cannabis, and we would still have way too much.  Figure it out!

2017 Top 20 Sun Grown

1st place: CBD .24 – THC 19.04 Jedi Ganja Warrior, Strawberry Pop Tart

2nd place: CBD .02 – THC 18.74 Farmatom Gorilla, Glue #4

3rd place: CBD .25 – THC 26.94 P.J. Nelson, Super Lemon Haze

4th place: CBD .42 – THC 18.6 Farmatom, Member Berry 8

5th place: CBD .22 – THC 19.04 Farmatom, Star Dawg

6th place: CBD .19 – THC 16.2 Farmatom, Blue Dragon 1

7th place: CBD .19 – THC 13.47 Farmatom, Spearment Haze

8th place: CBD .21 – THC 19.69 Farmatom, Citral Glue

9th place: CBD .19 – THC 16.2 Farmatom, Mandarin Cookies

10th place: CBD 1.18 – THC 26.67 Wolf Pond Farm, Dosidos

11th place: CBD .12 – THC 15.89 Tree Life

12th place: CBD .38 – THC 28.06 Jason, Grease Monkey

13th place: CBD .21 – THC 17.95 P.J. Nelson, Critical 47

14th place:  CBD .21 – THC 12.92 Fairwind Horticulture, Soraya

15th place: CBD .75 – THC 26.96 Tree Life, Dosidos

16th place: CBD .02 – THC 19.44 Midcoast Meds 818, Headband

17th place: CBD .18 – THC 11.44 Stoner and co, Purple afghan kush

18th place: CBD .15 – THC 26.63 Farmatom, Black Fire

19th place: CBD .19 – THC 19.02 Farmatom, Presidential OG

20th place: CBD .15 – THC 13.84 Hustle Bush, Farms Stardust

2017 Winners and runners up





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