High 95, 2023

Gorilla pops
Brazen Earthworx

About the entry

GAS GAS GAS. This quick cultivar only takes 55 days to ripen but in that time throws down some of the heaviest and most mouth watering terms imaginable. Heavy heavy notes of freshly ground coffee, duct tape and gasoline make this a true terp hunters dream. The effect is strong with a fast onset that gives the end user insane munchies and inspiration but not much ambition, very indica Heavy. The terps have a coating effect that hang in your nose and mouth for a long time.

About the grower

Brazen Earthworx is a family owned and operated medical cannabis provider based in Dover-Foxcroft. Founded in 2018, our goal has always been to produce the absolute finest hand curated cannabis through organic and regenerative cultivation methods. Our Lead cultivator, Dan Daidone, has been participating in the Maine medical cannabis program since its inception in 2010 as a patient, caregiver assistant and eventually caregiver. Through years of research, experience and pure obsession, Dan has developed his personal method of regenerative living soil cultivation, based on individual plant care, to produce what we believe is the absolute finest and most lovingly grown cannabis available in Maine today.


Gorilla pops


Sow Low Farm Seed Company


(I95 x blow pops) X (GG4 X Zkittlez)





A combination and regiment of all organic: compost, compost teas, several varieties of guano, seaweed, kelp, goat manure, trace minerals, cover crops and finished with sugars derived from several organic sources.


Living soil



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