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Wedding Pie
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It was 2016, I had just ended my terrible relationship with alcohol and left the restaurant industry; an industry I had worked in since childhood. I moved back to the Seacoast area with hardly a nickel to my name and started working at a commercial grow and trimming on the side. I have always had a love for the plant and had grown my own in every apartment closet I could throughout my 20s. The benefits it brought to me for years, also helped me immensely in my early days of alcohol recovery. In 2017, I took my dreams, income from a small outdoor harvest, and lots of guts, and I bought my first space. Six years in, I am constantly honing my skills and staying true to my original mission of “weed for the working man”. Today, we pride ourselves in producing clean cannabis, always learning and adapting to new methods, maintaining transparency, and growing/extracting products that we stand behind.


Wedding Pie



Wedding Cake x Grape Pie






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