High 95, 2023

The Fudge
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The Fudge (Lava Cake X Oreoz) is new to our menu, and Bred by Bayside Genetic's 3 season's ago. We then hunted and selected our pheno to run for production from over 50 seeds. The Fudge is an Indica hybrid. This potent strain has delicious flavors of herbal mint and fuel, with chocolate and doughy undertones. This strain produces deeply relaxing effects that ease both mind and body. Ideal for after work, lazy days off, or for anyone seeking to relax, this offering can help with insomnia, depression, and appetite loss.

About the grower

Proud producers and friendly purveyors of the finest Cannabis Products! Atlantic Farms was founded in 2018 and is a cultivator, manufacturer, and retailer of both medical and recreational cannabis products here in Maine. Our Medical Dispensary in Portland Maine (Voted Best of Portland Old Port!) has been open for 5 years this month, and we are super excited to continue the friendly and convenient service we are known for with the opening of our Thomaston recreational dispensary this past May. On our dual licensed Sun grown farm, we take pride in continuing to cultivate in living soil for the best taste and effect possible while using organic practices. In addition to growing our classics, each season we pop over 200 seeds to hunt for plants that produce the best flavor, potency, and experience. We work to source seeds from our Maine breeder friends such as Best Friend Farms, Bay Side Genetics (Caniba Naturals' Sam), and more! From the farm, the products are moved to our state of the art manufacturing facility in East Bayside Portland, to then be trimmed and packaged to final form for the highest quality control.


The Fudge


Bayside Genetics (Caniba Naturals Sam)


Lava Cake X Oreoz


Bayside Genetics


Zerotol 2.0 as symptoms present , frequent scouting and removal.




Custom Vermont Compost Living Soil Blend


For beneficials we use Aphidius Ervi (wasps) in conjunction with rearing our own pea aphids as hosts to boost populations and same money , steinernema feltiae (Nematodes for fungus gnats) , persimilis (Predatory mite for spider mites) , and occasionally I'll release Orius (general predator).

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