High 95, 2023

White Linen
Grown East

About the entry

This Bud is my new favorite great taste and effects when you break it into you get slapped in the face with a Sour, gassy, yet sweet smell sticky buds with great potency. Again this strain isnt one of the flashiest ones we grow, but the smell, taste are amazing on this one

About the grower

Been growing since 2015, the team and I have a passion for growing this plant. We take growing clean weed seriously without harmful pesticides. We pop a lot of seeds always looking for the next best strains, for me this is one of the best parts of growing. We hold ourselves and our weed to high standards, always striving to improve. Most seeds we pop dont make it to become keepers unless it checks off all the boxes. Terps are most important to us. People like shiny things, a lot of our strains are flashy too but some strains we keep around arnt necessarily the flashiest looking, but if the taste and effects are there thats whats important to us. Ive always been one to buy with my nose. Theres a lot of hype cuts out that that look amazing and are potent but if the flavors not there, they don't have a place in our garden. Fortunate to have a team of friends that care about growing the best weed we can and that were able to do what we love to do.


White Linen


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Wedding Cake #13 x Melonade



proper conditions and employee protocols hasnt been an issue in the past 5 years


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shower / change clothes before entry

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