High 95, 2023

Super Silver Haze
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About the entry

The story I was told by the person who passed me the cut was its an original Super Silver Haze seedling popped in the 90s by Chem crew folks. Tastes and smells to me like older Neville stock, I'm constantly told by old timers "Oh this takes me back" and it does remind me of Nevilles Haze that I saw back in the late 90's to early 2000's. Its not for beginners and has been a little too strong for a lot of light smokers, it tests around 27%THC and 3.4%THCV and has a racey, heart pounding rise that turns into a long lasting psychoactive high. It smells and tastes like incense, like biting into a wooden church pew, like my grandmas attic, classic woody, churchy haze flavor that sticks in your mouth. Myrcene(almost 2%) dominant, no other terps coming close to the myrcene content.

About the grower

Ive been involved in growing cannabis since the late 90s. My wife and I have been growing legal cannabis in Maine since 2012. We've both been involved in agriculture for much of our life and have worked on numerous farms growing vegetables, mushrooms, trees, perennials, flowers, and herbs. In addition to growing cannabis we also operate a cut flower business that works with florists and floral designers from MDI to Portland. We have a passion for regenerative and biological based agriculture and hope to contribute by stewarding our small farms ecosystem to be diverse and healthy. We see our farm as not just a cannabis farm but as a diverse farm offering healthy food, flowers, and ganja, as a way to contribute beneficially to our community. We love cannabis and it has been a medicine in our family for decades, we've struggled as many others have, to cultivate this plant continuously through great odds, before we were in a legal market. I've been locked in a cage over this plant, we've had to hide and live double lives for many years to cultivate this medicine, all the while knowing how harmless and healing this plant was for us. Nowadays we are just so happy to be able to contribute to and live through the legalization and re-normalization of this wonderful healing herb, that had to hide in the shadows for so many years. We will continue to work to cultivate this herb for our community, no matter the odds, and we will continue to fight against any unjust laws placed against those who wish to use this healing medicine, until this plant is truly free.


Super Silver Haze


Neville? Dutch crew?




No, but I was gifted the cut.


lactobacillus, bacillus subtillus


Manure and seaweed based compost, vermicompost, potassium sulfate, gypsum, rock phosphate, boron, kelp, soymeal, manganese, epsom salt


Vegged in living acres, compost and peat based mix, watered with plain water and planted in the ground in slighlty raised beds as a 1 gallon.


beneficial insects

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