Highest THC 36.3%
Banana Macaroon
Symbiotic Cultures

High 95, 2022

Highest THC

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We utilize soil testing to balance the chemical composition of the soil with raw organic certified amendments and compost teas/extracts to increase microbial populations and diversity for increased nutrient cycling.

About the grower

Derek Lundstedt founded symbiotic Cultures to strive toward sustainability while maintaining competitive quality. After seeing firsthand the lack of sustainable practices, unnecessary waste, and high carbon footprint in the commercial industry, Derek was determined to create a cultivation system that was less detrimental to our planet. This led him to his decision to grow in living soil using energy-efficient LEDs and environmental control equipment. He and his team also run greenhouses in the summer for water-extracted concentrates and are currently working on a new indoor facility powered by a solar field. Through their journey with living soil, they firmly believe it is the most effective cultivation technique for producing the cleanest and highest quality cannabis. Through Derek’s long battle with chronic illness and relief from symptoms with the help of cannabis, he has become dedicated to providing clean medicine to his patients.


Banana Macaroon


Symbiotic Genetics


Banana Punch x Dosidos



environmental control/air scrubbing and sanitization equipment


dry organic amendments


Living Soil


predator insects

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