1st Place
Dosi OG
Green Xtrax

High 95, 2022

Sungrown Dosi OG

About the entry

We are a MOFGA certified organic farm specializing in organic sun-grown flowers and oils. We plant directly in the ground, in amended rows of soil, which dramatically reduces our water usage and allows natural cover crops to proliferate. We feed the soil with 1-2 compost teas a month and let rain do the rest. For pest control we rely on beneficial organisms and promote the natural ecology of our area to encourage this symbiosis. The last 3-4 weeks of the flowering season we put clear plastic "roofs" over our plants to prevent rain from hitting the buds, drastically reducing the presence of mold while eliminating the need to spray our flowers. This technique also allows the plants to flower a week or two longer than if left uncovered, which seems to amplify the terpene and THC concentration. After harvest we hang and cold dry our flowers for about 3 weeks then hand trim and cure for another 2. Our sun-grown flower fetches the same or higher price than most indoor and I'm proud to say that we're one of the only producers to have sun-grow flowers featured on the top shelf, which regularly sell out faster than equivalent indoor.

About the grower

When I was 17 I had half my sacrum removed due to a large tumor growth. I was left with neurological complications and wanted to try treating them with cannabis oil, so I began growing and extracting my own cannabis in 2010. In 2016 I went to Northern California with my partner Haley and we spent the season working on an organic medical cannabis farm. We came back east with the skills we learned in the Emerald Triangle and established Green Xtrax, a MOFGA certified "soil to oil" medical cannabis farm specializing in organic oils and sun-grown flower. In 2021 we opened our first storefront in Limerick.


Dosi OG


Melting Pot Farm


Dosidos x OGKB x Triple Kush





Compost teas


Living soil


Beneficial insects

Additional entries

1st Place Rosin, East Coast Sour Diesel

1st Place Rosin, East Coast Sour Diesel

Sugar Grove, Rosin, East Coast Sour Diesel, ECSD
Classic, legendary, and without peer. East Coast Sour Diesel is an infamous cultivar that is prized by even the most discerning of connoisseurs. Known primarily for its uplifting, energizing properties, ECSD is the sativa-lover’s sativa strain, as it is classically understood. Lighter, elongated nugs with robust calyx coverage and wispy foxtails that are absolutely coated in trichomes and surrounded by maroon pistils: ECSD looks as unique as it feels. The live flower presses into a terpene heavy, flavorful badder-like material that is thick, bright yellow, shiny and robust with flavor. Intense notes of sour lemon, candied citrus and cantaloupe are all wrapped in a dense pillow of pungent diesel that brings it all together. The flavor of ECSD is as distinct as its effect. One dab or draw and you’ll quickly see why.

1st Place Organic, Guava Pie

1st Place Organic, Guava Pie

Symbiotic Cultures, Organic, Guava Pie, Strawberry Pie x Strawberry Guava
Guava Pie is one of those strains that has a terpene profile true to its name. We’ve found this hybrid to lean slightly on the cozy and relaxed side of the spectrum but without the heavy sedative effects of a full blown indica. Those with anxiety that need a little nervous system support throughout the day and night may find Guava Pie to be just the soothing comfort they need. A mellow body/head high with just enough euphoria as to not inhibit motivation.

1st Place Indoor, Trop Cherry

1st Place Indoor, Trop Cherry

Mainezilla Gardens llc, Indoor, Trop Cherry, Tropical Cookies x Cherry Cookies
Trop Cherry- Topical Cookies x Cherry Cookies

Loud mouth grapes, Grown East

Grown East, Indoor, Loud mouth grapes, Fresh coast seed co
Loud mouth grapes

Breed by Fresh coast seed co
The cross is electric pb cookies x gorilla butter.

This strain is covered in trichomes, very sticky heavy hitting strain it has a very sweet smell with citrusy then mild gas undertones

1st Place Greenhouse, Strawberry Moonshine

1st Place Greenhouse, Strawberry Moonshine

Green House, Strawberry Moonshine, (Grease Monkey x Lemon Amnesia) x Strawberry Terpenstein
Cold frame greenhouse with Climate Battery for heating and cooling through November 10. No mixed light in flower.

High 95 Cannabis Cup

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