High 95, 2023

Ray Finkle
Faded Cannabis Company

About the entry

Finkle nose is special, bright orange rine with a gas back. Smokes smooth and settles in easy, The high leaves you feeling uplifted and euphoric and settles nice on the body to relax you. Its a good high for a experienced grower but still leaves you wanting get shit done without the jitters and anxiety.

About the grower

We are 2 years in business a fairly new company. Our company consists of Frank Crosen, who handles sales. Barber in maine for 15 years and has always been the go to barber for the cannabis industry. Our head grower Jody Decker legacy grower for the last 15 plus years, brings a wealth of experience to us and cares about the product, customers and the people around us. Myself Damien Sieg, I'm the cultivation director from clone to harvest, SOP's, Tech , Gear and head janitor is what I do. Together our approach is simple, Treat the plants well, Treat the bud well, treat the people well.


Ray Finkle



Rootbeer X Trainwreck



Air ros pathagen system


salts non sterile with organic drenching




citric acid, peppermint oil, Neem

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