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High 95, 2022


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I am dedicated to cultivating the best cleanest medicine possible for my patients and myself. I only use the finest inputs in organic living soil with bio char. I Believe this style of Cultivation Creates the best medicine. The best expression of the plant and it’s organoleptic properties which can only be achieved in living soil. As well as health of the environment and the patient. I have put my heart and soul into every process, from germinating seed to trimming the flower. I am forever learning and always trying to improve in any way I can. I am a citizen scientist passionate about advancing the master plant. This is lifelong pursuit to educate and “elevate the craft” And of course my secret input is love💚

About the grower

Born and raised in Boston. Craft Cultivator /Hashishin Dedicated to the plant and patient cultivating in living organic soil, Using ferments IMO and the cleanest inputs available. A citizen scientist always learning and striving to Educate and “Elevate The Craft” A passion for creating the healthiest medicine possible, honoring our Master Plant and Patient 💚


818 Headband


The Cali Connection


Sour diesel x SFV OG


Pheno hunted and grown by @growspacekilla


UV lighting


EM1, Ferments, LAB, Mycorrhiza


Kis Organics living organic soil with biochar


Nematodes, Trichoderma

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