Animal Tree
Cannabis Crusader

High 95, 2022


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My entry of Animal Tree demonstrates the level of attentiveness and care put towards this cycle and my instincts of plant communication. Reading the signs of plant health and adjusting parameters as necessary to create a high quality product outcome I tend to run my plants closer to a "full" term than a number of cultivators/producers who are seeking something out of prematurely harvested flower. Flower pushed to it's full potential will allow a more diverse, potent cannabinoid content as well as longer lasting, compared to more racy effects of resin that was cut early. Patience executing the trim and cure is also a pivotal aspect to why this run will have been as successful as it was.

About the grower

My journey with cannabis began about 16 years ago as a teenager when a few gamer friends piqued my interest with their experiences feeling high. With a love for Pink Floyd and other musicians, I appreciated how intertwined the experience of enjoying music and cannabis felt together. I noticed from a personal health standpoint that I gained some temporary relief from GI symptoms and other disrupting conditions like anxiety or depression. I could acknowledge the bonding aspect of cannabis, how it echoed a sense of community as I witnessed stemming from the early days of grow/glass forums, video chatting with some personable people in the scene. A couple years later, I took on a job in the healthcare field as a nursing assistant which is when I began chucking my first plants outside growing as a hobby. I made a few attempts indoors early on to grow which resulted only in ripped out plants, broken glass and house rules. It did not stop me though from pressing on in the future with my exploration of cannabis and cultivation. During this period working at the hospital, I was intrigued and ignited by reading about the effects of cannabis as a medicine, the political atmosphere of passionate medical cannabis activists and their battles with the state of authority, testimonials about CBD as well as cannabis extracts like FECO which have shown to create a positive impact in people's lives. Being exposed to healthcare and growing up with my brother having disabilities including seizure disorder, made me see an opportunity for us to provide an alternative method of treatment for many illnesses and ailments people endure everyday, without the long list of side effects brought on by pharmaceutical drug treatment. My next step was the infancy of the cannabis industry taking shape in MA, which was when i joined NETA in 2015 only dispensing to medical patients at that time. I was initially sold the "pipe" dream of what this industry would become. I met a lot of great people over the years working alongside those that still bleed love for this plant, some of them gifting me with my first clones and introducing me to the process of hash and edible production. From then on to recent times where we are seeing recreational facilities, I have been able to witness varying degrees of success and failure of cannabis cultivation or production on scale over the course of my career, my experiences have taught me more about the standards that we should be adhering to. Accountability and transparency in the way we operate should be key elements of our success to achieve these goals providing cannabis with real medical value. Advocating for clean, quality, high potency cannabis especially when we are talking about medical use, has always been a true part of my mission and involvement. I consider myself someone who champions more reasonable access for people especially patients, with the ability to grow or consume cannabis allowing them more freedom of choice in their lives for treatment and relaxation. In more recent years as I became more proficient in my cultivation techniques, I have utilized these skillsets with propagation to provide people in my community with reputable genetics, many created originally by some dedicated spirits who are the foundation of our role and relationship with this plant. I have witnessed what corporate culture has done to taint the image of what regulating cannabis looks like, as well as the effects of pandemic times and their toll, which led me to take a personal hiatus from cultivating that I recently returned from. My hopes are to contribute in keeping the light of passion burning as we heed the call to build more momentum in creating the world we want. Reigniting assertive, vocal activism not just through social media is absolutely crucial to the future of anyone who has a place in the cannabis community. Our duty to honor our local activist heroes continues, some have passed on were pivotal to this entire movement but the fight still stands. I intend to challenge myself also with others to be more active in sending the right message that is receptive to the public.


Animal Tree


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