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High 95, 2022


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We are old school growers using new school tech and data acquisition to back up Methods. Our goal is to have small batches and put hands on every plant every day to have the highest end product possible. From there we have a proprietary drying room for exact control or air movement,temp and humidity. Next step is our custom curing room. Each bin has exact temp and humidity control for perfect curing everytime on scale. Our belief is the product care doesn’t stop with growing curing and drying is the secret sauce. We want a product the end user is proud to represent.

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Well here it is, officially! FADED CANNABIS COMPANY Frank Crosen and Myself (Damien Sieg). Set out over 2 years ago to create a Cannabis Company of our own. We didn’t just want to do it, we wanted to do it right…..Let me tell you, the results speak for themselves. We wanted to focus on a high end, craft made product. Small Batch style rooms so we can get hands on every plant, everyday. A High end fine curing process to bring the best product to the market. Not just quick dried, and distributed. From there educating consumers on terpenes and effects. As a customer when you choose, you know what a cultivar is and what it does. Our packaging will help you pick out what strain choice will give the desired effects. Quality and consistency is a huge focus for us. We had no interest in doing this if we couldn’t keep up with the very best brands in Maine. The cannabis community in Maine is second to no one. With a lot of our friends all-ready in this space, we knew we wanted to focus on being a company that other cultivators can respect. Where customers who expect high end cannabis with ZERO corners cut, could come to enjoy a new brand. We feel if you put the plants and people first always ….everyone wins. Keep it simple! Just make a high end product, take care of the customers, venders and the community at a whole. Do that and we can make a place for ourselves. Frank and myself are not alone. We have an amazing team next to us. Our Head Grower is Joe Decker. He was an old friend and was an obvious fit when we started looking for someone for the team. Joe has tons of growing experience and has been around the community for years. We knew his values aligned with ours. He wanted the same things we did. A grow that was product focused, and treated people right. He was the perfect fit and we were lucky he decided to come on board. Second was Jeremy Ellis, Jeremy is a friend of Joe and ours. He had all the same passion and priority’s that we all did. He has been in the community for years, he comes with tons of cannabis genetics and facility experience. He has been invaluable for us, making sure all of our cultivar were what we were looking for. Very lucky that he came on board and shared his experience with us. Finally Here we are, Faded Cannabis Company! Thank you to all of our friends in the Cannabis Community. The cultivators that gave us advice along the way, we appreciate the support and help. We are happy to be apart of what you guys built. Faded Cannabis Company Small batch. Finely Cured…Proper.


White Truffle




95 deadxplatinum mush mintz


Damien sieg,Frank crosen,Jody decker,Jeremy ellis




Athena, supplemented with minerals,acids and organics





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