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High 95, 2022


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This year, we grew 35 strains and had the most successful harvest ever, with minimal impact from bud rot or frost. We start our seeds in the barn in early spring, with the goal of getting in the ground soon after the last frost. We aggressively top and train the plants early on, with a goal of a very broad canopy. Once in the ground, each plant gets an area of 12' by 6' with 6 inch square mesh trellis to support the training and lollipopping. We typically give heavy haircutting throughout the whole season, removing everything all the way up to within the top two or three feet of the plants. Our nutrient program this year was a substantial improvement over what we have done in prior years. We started with cultivating indigeneous microorganisms (IMOs) which we used to innoculate the soil to start the seedlings and continue to build the living soil. We brew our own compost tea from natural nutrients. During the winter, we grow winter rye as a cover crop. During the grow season, we use clover as a ground cover within the garden, and oak bark mulch the entire grow area for each plant. We are fortunate to have a trout pond next to our garden, so we are able to irrigate the whole grow with drip emitters and supplement it with spot watering to the most thirsty of the plants. At the peak of the summer, some of the thirstiest plants we taking more than 100 gallons of water a day. With a little luck and our widely varied genetics, we do a rolling harvest, wet trimming down to the sugar leaves in the garden, then cure hanging on lines in our barn at 60 degrees/60 percent humidity for at least two months.

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We are the sixth and seventh generation of our family on our farm in Albion, where we grow sun-grown in the heart of our farm. Our garden is about an acre and we grow directly in live soil, using natural nutrients. Our strains are almost all grown from seeds that we have obtained from leading breeders around the world, as well as locally. We started Robinsons of Maine three years ago, just before the pandemic began. We try to focus on strains with unique therapeutic properties and work closely with our patients to try to achieve the best results for them. We have introduced some new concepts to our market, such as our dog walkers at the beginning of the pandemic so that people can each have their own joint rather than passing joints. Most recently, we have been working with some of the leading processors in developing nano emulsified, water soluble products.


Wedding Shoes


Cult Classics Seeds


Wedding Fantasy X Cement Shoes




lollipopping, spacing plants and light solution of citric acid and hydrogen peroxide


IMOs, compost tea, natural nutrients


direct in the ground in live soil


praying mantis, green lacewing larvae

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