Wedding Pie #6 x Ice Cream Cake

High 95, 2022


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My goal is to grow clean cannabis. I use organic soil amendments and an organic worm casting tea. It’s all pretty low tech but my goal has been to keep it simple and find ways each season to make my growing style more efficient while improving my flower quality and gardening knowledge. I feel that when i create a healthy root zone and provide the plant access to what it needs throughout the grow cycle I end up with some decent plants.

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This marks my 6th season growing outdoors in Maine. I’ve been a cannabis enthusiast for 29 years and being able to grow my own flower is a passion. I’m not involved in the cannabis scene in any other way for work or otherwise. The last several years I’ve been trying to become more efficient with my gardening practices. That doesn’t mean less time with the plants but trying to provide the best possible scenario for the root/plant to thrive and express itself in the simplest way.


Wedding Pie #6 x Ice Cream Cake


Black sheep


Wedding Pie #6 x Ice Cream Cake





Down to earth organic amendments. Organic worm casting tea once per week


5 year old amended soil



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