Superboof (mobile Jay 420 cut)
East coast extracts / OG grows

High 95, 2022


About the entry

The Superboof entry is one of my favorite cultivars I’ve grown to wash. The taste matches the pungent zesty orange smell it pretty spot on. On top of that, the melt is really clean and has little to no residue compared to what you’ll usually see with full melt. Hand washing the strain not only created a beautiful refined product , but allow d the strain to perform really, yielding well over five percent. A lot of love and care goes into my small batch grows, which is why I hand wash it all.

About the grower

I share experience in both commercial washes in 75 gallon ospreys and small batch hand washes. We’ve been growing for a little over 20 years. Most of that has been in the NY. Moved up to Maine to get a more commercial approach to the industry to prepare for NY’s coming boom. And if that doesn’t work out continuing in Maine would not be bad at all as I love it up here!


Superboof (mobile Jay 420 cut)


Blockhead buds


(black cherry punch x trop cookies)




Air circulation


Athen pro line




Athen ipm

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