Bahama Berry

High 95, 2022


About the entry

Solventless products are the sole goal of our cultivation efforts. We only produce live rosin and full-melt hash. With carefully planned crops, we are able to produce quality and clean concentrates. This involves fastidious cleaning methods in our grow/extraction spaces, attention to maintaining paramount plant health and environmentally conscious efforts towards sustainability. When it comes to quality hash, most of the work is done in the garden.

About the grower

Hello, my name is Timothy and I am the owner of Powcloud. I have been producing solventless extracts since 2013 and it is my goal to bring affordable and high quality concentrates to the good people of Maine. I am a Maine native and I have chosen the Western Maine Mountains as my home and place of work. My motivation to be a cannabis farmer and hash maker was inspired by enjoying cannabis with my friends. One cannot exemplify the ability that cannabis has in bringing people together. Cheers to the judges and all who are involved in putting together the High95 competition. Thank you!


Bahama Berry


Solfire Gardens


Bahama Mama x Strawberry Jelly


Single Source


Dehumidification, heating, EM-1


Compost, coconut water, aloe vera, fermented plant extracts, microbiology


Living Soil


Non-chemical integrated pest managment

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