Goji OG
Atlantic Farms

High 95, 2022

Green House

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We cultivate in our automated Rimol Greenhouse's outfitted with external light deprivation curtains, to produce 3 greenhouse turns of flower a season. The Goji OG has proven itself to be a great strain in the greenhouse environment, and does really well in the higher temps of turn #2 and increased IPM pressures.

About the grower

Atlantic Farms was founded in 2018, and is a cannabis producer and retailer in Portland, Maine. Our medical dispensary on Warren ave. was the first Gas station/dispensary on the east coast On our dual licensed farm in Summerville ME, we cultivate cannabis in soil and under the sun in our 3 season light assisted Rymol Greenhouses. From there we process and manufacture our products in our Home office / Manufacturing facility in the east Bayside Neighborhood of Portland ME.


Goji OG


Bodhi Seeds (Hunted and Selected by MAC at Nocturnal)


Nepali OG x Snow Lotus


This cut was gifted by Mac at Nocturnal


Regalia (biological stimulant) , Zerotol 2.0 as symptoms present , frequent scouting and removal.


acks Hemp and Cannabis Line, Never at full strength and only with every other watering, flushing for 7-10 days.


Soil Mix of Promix, Vermont Compost, and Fort V - 20 gallon smartpot


Neem oil, Azamax, Zerotol 2.0, Regalia

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