Mafia Princess

High 95, 2022


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I start my seeds in soil block .. no paper towels and water for me.. I only use rainwater or pond/ spring water. My plants were dry farmed this year I never watered not even when I transplanted them into their final resting place.. top dressed with alfalfa and fed a couple of teas .. harvested mid October whole plant hung to dry and a cold room for a month. Hand trimmed and jarred.

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FlatMaryFarms Nurture Nature and Southern Fried Seeds is the love child of Veronique and Chet Brewer. A former teacher and biomedical engineer, the couple hail from the hills of Southeastern Kentucky. Together they raised seven children. When “empty-nest syndrome” hit they moved their guerilla grow to legal Maine. Legacy grower Veronique is a 3rd generation breeder and cultivator. Her love of organics and a freegan lifestyle led her to adopt an esoteric regenerative approach to farming. Thanks to the tutelage of Frenchy Cannoli, Chet honed his craft. Together they have produced gorgeous regen small batch craft hash. Their goal is full spectrum holistic medicine. Under this umbrella they have combined their love of all that is cannabis to include a line of medibles, pet products, salves, extracts, elixirs, flower, and flower concentrates.


Mafia Princess


Ben Molar


Afghan x Burmese x Culvertown Skunk


I grew this from seed




Worm castings , FFJ , for , molasses , compost tea made from manures I sourced @dirtsimplefarm ig


Living soil


Hands , birds, ladybugs water in a spray bottle

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