Royal Island Kush
Atlantic Farms

High 95, 2022

Green House

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This is our best greenhouse flower of the season, and we are super proud of it. For those royal gas lovers, this will hit the spot. We feel the taste, cure, and flower is right there with any greenhouse we have seen in Maine (aside from skunkfoot 🙂

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Atlantic Farms was founded in 2018, and is a cannabis producer and retailer in Portland, Maine. Our medical dispensary on Warren ave. was the first Gas station/dispensary on the east coast On our dual licensed farm in Summerville ME, we cultivate cannabis in soil and under the sun in our 3 season light assisted Rimol Greenhouses. From there we process and manufacture our products in our Home office / Manufacturing facility in the east Bayside Neighborhood of Portland ME.


Royal Island Kush


In house pollen chucking experiment


Royal Kush #8 x Blueberry Cookies


Sam from Bayside Genetic (Caniba Naturals)


Regalia (biological stimulant) , Zerotol 2.0 as symptoms present , frequent scouting and removal.


Jacks Hemp


20 Gallon smart pot, pro mix / Vermont compost fort v


Neem oil, Azamax, Zerotol 2.0, Regalia -

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