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High 95, 2022


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I think what makes our flower come out really nice is that we don't do much. We make sure the soils health is provided for and try to get the plant the best conditions possible for success, then we just let the plant do its thing. We try to avoid IPM sprays, if possible, and lean towards encouraging beneficial insects and bacterias through the soil zone. I find the less I can spray, the better the quality seems to be. This was an exceptional growing season for minimal inputs.

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Ive been involved in cannabis cultivation as well as traditional agriculture and horticulture for two decades. My wife and I have participated in the medical program in Maine for a decade and have spent much of that time advocating for patient rights and reasonable regulations for small businesses in the industry. In addition to our cannabis business we have a cut flower farm that works seasonally with florists and floral designers throughout the state. We also grow vegetables and fruit and serve one local farmers market weekly. We have approval and are beginning the process of opening a farm stand that will carry seasonal flowers, fruit, veggies and medical cannabis.


Lerry Chimes f2


Dutch Blooms


a lot of Mean Gene stuff, Cherry West, Limepop kush, Lime 1, Cherry pie, can't recall specifics but a lot of those were involved.




Various beneficial bacillus, sprayed field twice during bud set. Occasional spot spray with zerotol. We had very little mold and mildew this year due to amazing weather.


Soil balanced with organic ingredients based on saturated paste test. Mixed with a finished organic compost we added. Gypsum for Ca and S, Potassium sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Pioneer Valley rock dust, Boron, vermicompost.


Grown directly in the ground, top dressed with a organic finished compost


beneficial insects released twice through flower; cucumeris, aphidius wasps.

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