LA Kush Cake

High 95, 2022


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What makes us a little different than some other grows is that we are completely transparent literally and figuratively with our customers. We have a viewing window in one of our flower rooms so that customers in our retail store can see the plants day in and day out as they grow and we tend to them. We are also giving daily tours of the rest of our cultivation facility to anyone that inquires. What makes us specifically proud, is our team. We are a very small team here, so everyone has responsibilities that are always upheld. We can always count on one another when needed and know that the job will always get done. With that being said, the job always gets done to its full potential- from hand trimming to entering the countless numbers into METRC, while triple checking everything as we go. We are so proud of our small but mighty team as we continue to pump out amazing products for our customers.

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Located in Portland, ME, Growroom is a small, family owned, and family farmed business, and is a bit of a hidden gem! Established in 2016, Growroom's origins are rooted in the medical marijuana industry, where we took pride in providing our patients with only the highest quality medical marijuana. Since transitioning to the adult use market in 2021, we have continued to provide customers with that very same quality, and without compromise. It is our mission and our promise to provide only the highest quality marijuana products, and we are proud to have upheld our high standards over the years. As a small business in an ever-expanding industry, we recognize the importance of providing not only quality products, but a quality experience and we strive to maintain integrity, transparency, and high standards in all aspects of our business. Come visit us on Warren Ave in Portland, see the plants growing for yourself, meet our team of passionate growers and knowledgeable staff, and join the Growroom family!


LA Kush Cake



Wedding cake x Kush mints


All of our submissions are a team effort at the Growroom, with Sam Hurley as our head grower



Athena Pro


mother earth coco + perlite


beneficial/predatory mites

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