High 95, 2022


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We selected cultivar from a 700+ seed population from various breeders over a wide range of genetic potential. This was a gamble and risk we were willing to take that slowed down our rollout but really set us apart from other producers. We selected genotypes not found in other gardens as well as other plays on crowd favorites to mix up the genetic pool. With that in mind we take large populations of clones to then select the healthiest plants to move flower. Plant health is the most important part of our operation paired with the perfect growing environment. We monitor dry backs and transplant intervals very closely to ensure a daily feed regimen with multiple feeds per day to allow plants to reach full potential.

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I grew up in Turner,ME where I grew my first plant at 13. I grew that plant all year long just to find out it was male. From there I buried my face into icmag and the forums to learn everything I could about this plant. It fascinated me from the first time I smoked out of a wooden bowl we made in IA Class out behind my dads shed. We then grew cannabis everywhere you shouldn’t. Swamps, thick forest, apartments, wet basements, and plenty of garages. When it came down to building our dream from the ground up, I couldn't refuse the opportunity. Joining forces w my friend and mentor John Lamparelli proved to be the best combination for bringing new and unique building materials to my grow anywhere mindset. We both have a love for this plant that justifies the sacrifices we had to make, to do it right the first time. The results yielded a state of the art facility that we are both extremely proud of. BungludetchFarms is built from 20+ years experience growing and 30+ years in business management, marketing, product development, and scalability with an engineering background. This is more then just medicine to us. Cannabis is life!






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